Pink gin with no reason to be bashful

Gin Lane 1751’s 'Victoria' Pink Gin has sold out at Aldi and it’s not even December! 

The Bloomsbury Group supplied a limited run of the pink spirit to Aldi as part of the supermarket’s seasonal range of craft gins. It’s proved to be so successful at the chain, which is increasingly known for offering hidden gems at high street prices, that it's already sold out.

We’re especially proud of Victoria Pink as one of our brand creations. It was designed as part of the Gin Lane 1751 range made to old age recipes harking back to when gin was considered ‘Mother’s Ruin’. The Gin Act of 1751 helped to control its consumption and came about with the help of printmaker Hogarth’s satirical etching ‘Gin Lane’. 

Our clients wanted the branding to reflect this history so we designed colour paper labels bleached with age. The copperplate script surrounding the crest and the foil filigree framing the brand reflect the language and style of the Georgian era.

The ‘Victoria’ is a nod to a century older recipe when Queen Victoria was on the throne and pink gin first became fashionable. Praised for its smooth taste and traditional blend of bitters, this gin has a growing fanbase in the US. Even Hollywood star Susan Sarandon was snapped with a bottle in hand, showing her obvious good taste for this craft classic.

And where do you get your bottle if they are sold out at Aldi? You'll just have to pop by Selfridges.

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