Cookie Policy

Cookies are small pieces of text stored on your computer when you visit a website. We use them to help us understand your experience of the Website and how we can improve it. These cookies are set by Google Analytics and do not identify you personally:


This cookie is stored on your computer when you first visit the Website. It is a persistent cookie, which expires after 2 years. Google Analytics uses __utma to record the unique visitors and the frequency of views each page has.

__utmb and __utmc

These cookies work together to calculate visit length. __utmb is a session cookie, which means it expires at the end of the session, e.g. when the user leaves the page. __utmc expires when your website session ends or 30 minutes without a new page view.


Google uses this cookie to distinguish and store information on referrals and how you arrive at the Website. For example, We can see whether you arrived at the Website using the direct URL or from a social media post. This cookie expires after 6 months.

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