Brand design of heavenly Italian cider

Angioletti was inspired by a chance discovery in Italy. Our client, an expert wine buyer, fell in love with quality cider produced in the Italian campo and decided to import it to the UK market. Our challenge was to create powerful new branding and packaging to position this cider as a luxury product in an already-crowded domestic cider market. Whatever we did, had to appeal to the consumer, create difference and evoke value added.

In Italian, Angioletti means ‘angel’s wings’ - an etherial name for a heavenly luxury product. The logo and packaging design reflect this with a font that is a modern take on medieval manuscript, a seal with angel’s wings and medals suggesting agricultural best practice.

The result is a high quality product that retails as a premium Italian craft cider. Available nationwide through Carluccio's restaurant network, Angioletti is also available widely in UK supermarkets.